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These books are great read for anyone
If you are in the insurance industry they are a must read! Knowing the detailed foundations that have successfully support this industry for more than 2,500 years is important to avoid fatal errors. Through practical, accessible, easily understood examples, Lefebvre builds your understanding of fundamental structures, and the relationships between them. His presentation style makes this a fun easy read. Start here or use this to frame what you already know, either way this text will help you pull together the details and lead you to a comprehensive understanding few command. Enjoy!

Paul J. Fielding, PhD, Practice Head, IBDAP Consulting

Must-read! Concise, informative, easy-read and fun!!
A must read for anyone looking to enter or simply understand the insurance industry or a related field be that as a professional, student or client.

Concise, informative, interesting and fun! How many books on insurance do you know which you could describe with those adjectives?

Maria, Associate Partner Management Consulting & Entrepreneur

The source to learn the insurance industry work
This book truly helps anyone to understand insurance and is packed with clear visualizations to deliver the message.

A must-read for anyone who wants to learn how the insurance industry works!

Peter Tasala, Senior Project Manager in Insurance Industry

A reference for learning
For people like me who wants to understand how the insurance industry works, this is the best thing we can read to understand everything.

From my experience browsing the Internet to understand the insurance industry, I could not get anything substantial which I can bookmark and refer to it later when needed.

These books are the answer.

Mihir Patel, MBA Student

The missing answer
The book “UNDERSTANDING INSURANCE” helps the reader to travel through the insurance history from inception to present. It is a very handy source of well documented information.

I recommend the book not just for insurance professionals, but to anyone interested to know more about the industry

Marcel Ban, Software Architect in Insurance Industry

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